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Action Committees

Our committees and task forces are the teams that keep the church an inviting and welcoming place for all.  Any church member is invited to serve on committees and task forces.  Contact the church office or the council representatives to inquire about sitting on a committee.
The Property Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday each month at 8:30am to dream, brainstorm, and organize church improvements and maintenance. 
Council Representative:
Gregg Olson
The Evangelism Committee meets as needed to find creative ways to reach out and serve our local community. 
Council Representative:
Shari Johnson
​Matt Johnson
The Stewardship Committee meets as needed to find creative methods to maintain and bolster giving to the church, be it financially or in other ways.
Council Representatives:
Linda Tempel, Steve Osero
The Youth & Parish Education committee meets monthly on a Monday at 6:30pm to brainstorm and guide our youth director in educational and recrational activities of our youth of all ages. 
Council Representatives:
Diane Amans, 
Hollie Severson
The Worship Life Committee meets as needed to discuss various ways to enhance our worship experience, and to guide Pastor to help fulfill the needs of the congregation. 
Council Representative:
Lee Jones
The Church in Socity Committee meets monthly to identify ways in which the church can serve our global brothers and sisters in Christ, and to bring awareness to parishoners regarding outreach opportunities.
Council Representative:
Jean Mattakat
The Long-Range Planning Committee meets as needed to consider and direct the future of our congregation.
Council Representative:
Terry Forrest
Task Forces are created by any committe for the purpose of researching, planning, and realizing larger projects within the church.
Current Task Forces:
none currently
This committee nominates church members to serve on the church council.  New council members are elected each October at the Annual Meeting.
Current Members:
Sally Pickard, Elaine Meyer, Jon Berquist,
Lou Williamson, Wanda Johnson,
​Char Yetter