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The First Lutheran Logo

The People with Outstreatched Arms
The image of the people with outstretched arms shows that we are loving Christians who reach out to all people.  We seek to serve our lord, working together, both young and old, family and friends, people of all backgrounds.  The crosses indicate that Jesus’ love is written on our hearts, and that faith is the central part of who we are. The colors of the people represent different seasons of the liturgical year:
The Colors
Red is the color of blood and fire, and recalls the Passion of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Blue represents the season of Advent, as a symbol of expectation and hope - the blue of a new day.
Purple represents the season of Lent.  Purple can symbolize suffering, and therefore mourning and penitence.  It is also the color of royalty, knowing that Christ is King.
Green symbolizes the renewal of vegetation and generally of living things and the promise of new life. It is the color life and hope and is used during the Pentecost season. 
White represents purity, holiness, and joy, and is used during Epiphany.