Jim's Barnyard

(ELCA's Good Gifts)

Why is it called Jim's Barnyard?

Jim Osero was a life long member of Amery First Lutheran Church.  He was baptized, confirmed, married, and his life was honored through his funeral within these very walls.  Jim loved life and all it brought.  He was a gentle giant of a man and funnier than most.  

Jim was asked to be on church council and he thought he was being asked to be on the nominating committee.  So he was happy to accept the position.  He eventually realized he had accepted a nomination for a position on the church council.......  He laughed about his misunderstanding and he took on the role.   This ended up being one of many funny stories Jim would tell.   He found that he loved being on council and enjoyed his time with the council and committee members.  He also enjoyed making a difference.

Jim was a member of the committee that brought the ELCA's Good Gifts program to First Lutheran.  He was excited to roll it out and raise money to help those in need.  

Jim unexpectedly passed away on January 17, 2017 from natural causes at the age of 38.  The Good Gifts program run through First Lutheran Church was renamed  Jim's Barnyard in his memory.  May it be a reminder of the type of caring and giving person Jim was.  He will be missed.

Below you will see the examples of gifts that can be purchased.    There is a tree, covered in ornaments, outside of the sanctuary at First Lutheran.  If you are called to support Jim's Barnyard please take an ornament for your tree at home and make a donation in the amount on the ornament(s) to First Lutheran Church.  If you donate with check please write "Jim's Barnyard" on the subject line.  If you choose to donate online through First Lutheran Church's online giving option please select Jim's Barnyard in the fund section.  All gifts donated to Jim's Barnyard will be directed back to the ELCA's Good Gifts program and all donations will be included on your giving statement.

Examples of what can be purchased at from Jim's Barnyard

Chicks   $10  

Help a family spread their wings. When chicks grow up to become chickens, their eggs not only provide an ongoing supply of protein-rich meals — they can also help start a small business and generate a steady source of income. 

Rooster   $15

Add a rooster to the chicken coop, and help the farm grow! More chickens on the farm mean more eggs to eat and sell at the market. 

Honey Bees   $20

Support farmers and healthy honeybee colonies with this buzz-worthy gift. Honeybees provide honey to eat, beeswax that allows a farmer to start a small business selling their products, and a boost to crop growth by pollinating plants everywhere they go. 

Piglet   $30

This little piggy couldn’t be a bigger lifesaver. This gift is a source of natural fertilizer that helps crops grow tall and strong, and can also be sold at the market for extra income when it's needed. 

Goat   $50

Goats can go where other animals can’t, surviving in some of the world’s most challenging terrain. Goat's milk provides nutrition for children and their families, and goats are quick to reproduce — which means a family can pass this life-saving gift onto others. 

Cow   $50

One dairy cow can produce a few gallons of calcium-packed milk each day. A family can receive the nutrition they need and also start a small business selling extra milk, cheese and more. With food, funds and fertilizer, the gift of a cow has got it all. 

Donate to Jim's Barnyard

Add up the value of the gifts you wish to purchase and write a check or donate online.  If you donate through our page you will can pick an ornament off of the tree the next time you are at church, or you can donate and choose to not take anything in return.   Also.....you can donate any amount you want and your money will be used by the ELCA Good Gifts program where it is needed.   Thank you for your support of Jim's Barnyard and the ELCA Good Gifts program.

ELCA Good Gifts

There are more ways to support, and different types of gifts are available directly at the ELCA Good Gifts Website.  Click the button below to learn more.  If you choose to shop at the ELCA website you will be supporting the same programs First Lutheran Church is promoting here.  Note:  If you donate through the ELCA Website your donation will not be recorded by First Lutheran Church on your giving statement.  You should get a statement directly from the ELCA on your donation.  However you are encouraged to give on either site as you will be making a difference either way.  

Thank you for your gift consideration.  
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