For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Matthew 6:21

Ways To Give

Give in Person

You can give cash or check when offering is collected during worship, or by dropping it by the church office during the week.

Give by Mailing a Check

You can always mail us a check to our PO Box (address at bottom of page). Or, you can arrange with your bank to mail us a check, too.

Give Online or on our Mobile App

By creating an online giving account you'll be able to give through our website, or through our app, via ACH bank withdrawal or credit card. You can opt to give a one-time gift, or set up weekly, monthly, every two week, or twice a month gifts.

Give by Text

You can give any time by text if you have an online giving account but don't have our app. Simply text "GiveFLCAmery" (not case sensitive) to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483). You'll be prompted from there.

Online Giving

set up online giving

There are a few short steps to get you started:

Step  1:  You have many options to get started but the process and end result will all be the same.
  •   Option 1:  Enter your giving amount and frequency in the giving box above and click "Next"
  •   Option 2:  Using a smart phone or tablet you can download our First Lutheran Church App  and click on the giving link and follow the instructions.
  •   Option 3:  Using a smart phone, text "GiveFLCAmery" (not case sensitive) to 1-888-364-GIVE (4483).  A reply will come back to your phone with a link.  Click that link and follow the same steps. 
All three options will lead you to our service provider Subsplash.  We use this company for online giving, website, phone app, text messaging, and more.  Though their portal you can create an account or sign in as a guest.  If you create an account you can log into your giving account using the phone app or on our website at any time in the future.
Step 2:  Follow the instructions in the Giving section of the App or Website to add a credit card or set up ACH bank withdrawals.   The numbers needed to set up ACH withdrawals from your checking account can be found on a personal check .  Please see the check image for reference.

Note:  ACH bank withdrawals require additional steps of logging into your bank account using your online banking  username and password. Once you create that connection there shouldn't be a need to do that again in the future unless things change or need verification again. 

online giving faq

Are there fees for giving online?

Yes there are fees for using online giving.  These fees are paid by First Lutheran Church out of the total amount given or you can elect to cover the fees during your donation.   Note:  Your giving statement will reflect the total amount given, including fees if you cover them.  Let's discuss how the fees work.

If the church pays the fees:
  • Credit Card fees: $0.30 per transaction plus 2.3% of the total amount.
    • Example 1:  A $10 donation has fees of $0.30 + $0.23 = $0.53.  A net of $9.47 will be given to First Lutheran Church.
    • Example 2:  A $100 donation has fees of $0.30 + $2.30 = $2.60.  A net of $97.40 will be giving to First Lutheran Church.
    • Side note:   The 2.3% fee will decrease over time as our online giving volume increases.  

  • ACH Bank Withdrawals have no transaction fee and a straight 1% of the total given. 
    • Example 1:  A $10 donation has a fee of $0.10 with a net of $9.90 given to First Lutheran Church.
    • Example 2:  A $100 donation has a fee of $1.00 with a Net of $99.00 going to First Lutheran Church.

If you elect to cover the fee:
If you choose to cover the fee, your donation will be ramped up by an amount.   The amount of the fee changes based on the amount of the donation and whether you give with a credit card or through a bank withdrawal.  You may notice that the fee you cover is even slightly higher than the fee the church would cover and that is do to the fact that by covering the fee you are in reality giving more to the church so the fees are on the new total donation.  Your giving statement will reflect the total given however.....including fees.

Cover the fees, Don't cover the fees, give by check, give online, have your bank mail a check,  place cash in the plate......whatever you choose please know your gift is appreciated!  Thank you for your support of the mission and livelihood of the church.

If there are fees why should we give online?

There are many reasons to consider giving online.
  1.    Convenience!  Once your online account is set up it is easy to give to First Lutheran Church at any time of the day or any day of the week.  You can even take out your phone or tablet and give while the offering plate is being passed around.
  2.   You can set up reoccurring gifts to be given to First Lutheran Church on a set schedule.
  3.   Maybe you can't make it to church on a Sunday or you are on vacation and out of town.  Online giving provides you an easy way to still give to First Lutheran Church.
  4.   First Lutheran Church is excited to offer online giving as an option.  Study's show that even with fees, online giving can increase the amount given by 7% - 30% annually.

Is online giving reflected in my annual giving statement?

Yes!  Online giving will be included as part of your annual giving statement.
  • Your statement will reflect the entire amount given including the fees you choose to cover.

Will envelopes still be available if I choose not to give online?

Absolutely.  Online giving will not be a replacement for envelopes.  
  • Online giving is only another option to be considered.
  • As more people use online giving there may be a need to reduce the amount of envelopes ordered by the church.  But, if you want envelopes, FLC will do its very best to get them to you!
Should you have additional questions please reach out to the church office or contact our online giving coordinator:
Steve Osero  
Call or Text:  (715) 554-1492

Why we give.

God is generous and so he calls us to be as well.  What we do with what God has given us shows the world where our hearts are at and helps proclaim the gospel. We want to glorify God with every area of our lives, and that includes what we do with our finances.
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