Colorado Trip July 10-17, 2022

UPDATED: 3/23/2022

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Youth entering 8th grade and older are welcome to join us on our youth trip to Colorado from July 10-17. The trip is $350 which includes a $50 deposit which is due as soon as you’re able to get it to us. Please remember that we want the trip to be possible for anyone, so we do have funds available for families that need it. Just speak with Pr. Tim.     First Lutheran youth get preference. Will open it to non-members later if there is space available. We have room for 12 kids, and we have 7 adults that have signed up to go with us.

Trip details 
Sunday 7/10: Depart from church at 8am for North Platte, NE  (We have a rental van and a mini van lined up.)
  • Bring Treats.   Lunch, & Supper are on your own (Bring $).
  • Stay at Quality Inn 2901 S. Jeffers St., North Platte, NE, 69101, (308) 532-6144

Monday 7/11: Drive to & stay in Dillon, CO. 
  • Breakfast at Quality Inn, Lunch & Supper on your own.
  • Stay at a beautiful hotel in the mountains Comfort Suites Summit County 276 Dillon Ridge Road, Dillon CO 80435 (970) 513-0300

Tuesday 7/12: Arrive at Noah’s Ark in Buena Vista, CO
  • Breakfast at Hotel, Lunch on your own in Mountains at Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Dinner & Camping at Noah's Ark
  • Noah's Ark is a private Christian adventure business. They have great Christian staff that will lead us and guide us in all of our adventures.

Wednesday 7/13: Rafting!
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner at Noah's
  • Rafting

Thursday 7/14: Rock Climbing!
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner at Noah's
  • Rock Climbing

Friday 7/15: Hiking!
Saturday 7/16: Head for Home.  Depart @ 8am
  • Breakfast at Noah's
  • Lunch & Supper on your own
  • Stay at Quanity Inn & Suites  7333 Husker Circle, Lincoln, NE68504 (402) 817-7807

Sunday 7/17: Arrive home
  • Breakfast at Quality Inn
  • Lunch on your own.
  • Arrive home for dinner

Packing List for Colorado
Pack light-1 Medium Size Bag, 1 small backpack for car (No hair-dryers, curling irons, etc.) Dress in layers- plan on wearing & re-wearing clothes.
All medicines shall be revealed to Pastor. No tobacco, vaping, alcohol or foul language - (for youth & adults).

____1 pants/sweats _____3 Pair of shorts _____5 t-shirts _____1 Long sleeve shirt _____1 sweatshirt ____Tennis Shoes ____Socks
_____Toiletries _____repellent _____Any medication _____Warm Sleeping bag ____ Blow up mattress or pad ____ Jacket
_____Swim suit _____Nylon quick dry shorts _____ Lip balm and sunscreen, _____ Camera (waterproof camera if desired)
____A hat/cap _____sunscreen _____ 2 towels ____ Small Pillow ___ Quarters for showers ___ Flashlight ___warm hat-sleeping
_____Rafting Shoes (no “flip-flops”or Crocs. Sandals with backstrap are OK if they are made for river activity)
_____Polypro/polyester clothing (no cotton) for rafting

Whitewater: Rentals Available: I have never rented these things, but you can if you bring enough money.
Polypropylene Shirt (“polypro”), Full Length WETSUIT, “BOOTIES” for feet, Splash Jackets

New Waiver and Reservation stuff will be Available in the future for the 2022 Trip. The info below was from 2019.  I am leaving it on the site so as not to forget what information we shared last time.

Everyone rafting must sign the waiver.

Group Leader Name: Bjorge
Reservation #: 48410
Trip Date: 7/15/2019
Dear Tim,
If you haven't paid much attention to the other emails we've sent, please take a close look at this one. We want to make your check-in process for each activity go as smoothly as possible, and we need your help.
Each participant is required to sign a liability waiver for each activity they do. We've taken as much of the work out as possible by putting the 'hard part' online. You just have to log in to the site, enter your information, follow the process and you're finished!
PASSWORD HINT: When you are done filling out the form, you will receive an email with your E-Waiver, and it is password protected for your privacy. Your password will be the second set of numbers in the PDF title (example: Waiver_34553_157401_410201753619PM.pdf). Enter it and you're in!
If you are the Group Leader, please forward this email intact to ALL members of your group.
  1. Click on this Activity E-Waiver Registration site. This link contains important information for your trip. (If the link does not work, please enter your Reservation Number and Group Leader name into the required fields.)
  2. Group leader, you should be in the database already. Just enter your First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth and then follow the steps.
  3. Group member, if you are under the age of 18, have a parent/legal guardian complete this form with you. You might NOT be in our system and you must fill in all your contact information. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR CORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS. WE'LL EMAIL YOU A COPY OF YOUR COMPLETED WAIVER.
  4. Please check and acknowledge that you are about to use a digital signature.
  5. On the next page, review all activities on your reservation. Scroll to the bottom and click 'NEXT STEP.'
  6. Answer a few important questions.
  7. Proceed to your LEGAL WAIVER. Read it CAREFULLY, sign it at the bottom by clicking 'SIGN' and then 'SAVE.'
  8. You will be re-directed back to the start screen. EACH PERSON requires his/her own waiver. If another person needs to sign any additional waivers, please repeat these steps.
  9. That's it. You are finished! (If you're with a large group, please email a copy of your completed waiver to your Group Leader.) You do not need to print it for our purposes.
Go enjoy life and pack for your trip. After all, you're coming on vacation. Get the work done now, and make way for the fun!
Of course, as with any new system, there could be an issue along the way. If you have trouble, please contact our office and we'll be more than happy to help get you through this process.
 See you at Noah's,
Noah's Ark Reservations

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